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Comptables professionnels agréés du Québec

Welcome and thank you for visiting the website of ACPAI Insurance, the administrator of the Group Professional Liability Insurance Plan for members of the Ordre des comptables professionnels agréés du Québec.

Group Professional Liability Insurance Plan

All members of the Order, without exception, must complete the declaration form and pay the applicable premium. The period of insurance is from April 1 to April 1; the annual renewal deadline is March 15. Newly admitted members should declare their professional situation as at the date of their inscription to the roll.

Application and Premium Assessment Form

If you are aware of any claims or situations likely to result in a claim, you must report them in writing.

Additional Information

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Do not hesitate to contact our team at 1 800 268.2630 or 416 204.3398 or email.

Excess Limits and Complementary Coverages

In addition to the coverage under the Group Plan, members have access to excess limits and other coverages. If you offer to the public professional services included in the CPA profession and you offer your services through a corporation or a limited liability partnership/SENCRL, you must purchase an excess insurance policy to satisfy the Regulation respecting the practice of the CPA profession within a partnership or joint-stock company. To request a quotation, please complete Form B.

Form B


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You must choose the category of members for purposes of premium determination based on your situation as at the date of inception of the Policy Period you are applying for.

If, by mistake, you choose an incorrect category, please note that a refund will only be processed if the request is received within the Policy Period. Premiums cannot be refunded retroactively.

If your status changes after the Policy Period begins, you must advise ACPAI promptly. An increase in premium may be charged, but no refunds will be offered.

If there are new Members who purchase this Policy for the first time after April 1, they will be charged a pro-rated premium, subject to a minimum of $60.

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